About Us

Andyvine Market is a husband and wife duo who love to make and create handmade home décor and art. Founded in 2017, Andyvine Market focuses on making quality goods and supporting the local community. Pete is a skilled woodworker with a background in carpentry and electrical work. He spends his days in the workshop designing and creating sculptures, metal work, wood pieces and paintings. Even though Pete is not a traditionally trained artist, he uses his background as a musician and trade worker to build unique, one-of-a-kind art pieces. When Angela is not working her full-time job, she spends her time designing and painting wood signs, managing the business and acting as Pete’s shop assistant.

You can find a variety of copper and aluminum metal work, hand-painted wood signs, many Arizona related décor, and lots of witty humor in Andyvine Market’s portfolio. As avid lovers of the Arizona desert, many of the items created reflect that adoration. When Ang and Pete aren’t working in the workshop you can find them on the weekends at local markets in Downtown Gilbert. In their off time you can find them watching and re-watching every single episode of The Office along with all the best 80’s and 90’s movies too.

“We hope you enjoy our pieces- we love making them for you! It’s a gift for us to be able to work together to create things that people will love and cherish for years to come. Thank you for shopping local and supporting our small business dreams!” -Ang & Pete